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RP Meme

OOC Name: Jessica

How long have you been rping: I’m not sure. 13 or so.

Time Zone: Pacific

People you play on tumblr: Alice Wake (and I’m heavily involved with Maria’s Mr. Scratch’s portrayal/storyline), Mycroft Holmes (BBC verse), Sebastian Moran (BBC verse).

Your OTPs: Mr. Scratch/Alice Wake for very twisted reasons. Mycroft/Lestrade. Mycroft/ALL THE CAKES. Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty.

Favourite genres to rp: Domestic. Mysteries. Comedy. Tragedy. Dark and Twisted.

Strengths as an rper:  I’m terrible at everything. I’m alright with dredging up some decent dialogue and details every once in a blue moon.

Weaknesses as an rper: Sometimes I’m too verbose and my prose becomes so purple it could stain your long, thin, and weathered digits. I also have a rather strained relationship with the Oxford comma. Ah- I have a habit of taking what seems like forever to respond because I read and reread everything and edit the shit out of it because I have no wish to look like an idiot.

Your ideal rp partner: Someone who can forgive my flakiness. Someone who doesn’t try to rush through things. Someone open to trying new storylines. Someone who can lead me when I get lost and thus cranky.

What was your first character: Oh god. I don’t even know. But honestly it was probably Trowa Barton.

What is your most recent character:  Sebastian Moran.

Favourite characters: I do enjoy Mycroft. I’ve been told our similarities boarder on ridiculous at times. I think this exchange between a friend and I sum it up well:

"I’m not sure I could voice Mycroft well. He’s such a brilliant and  pretentious twat."
"…I don’t see the problem."

How did you get into rping: Wanted to bone up on that there writing thingamajig.

Improvements/goals as an rper: Actually keep up and make time for it all. Learn to expand from long/detailed into quick and dirty exchanges as well. Focus on keeping character and exploring the hows, whys and thought processes of each.

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    OOC Name: Theo How long have you been rping: a month and a half LOL Time Zone: EST People you play on tumblr: The Joker...
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    OOC Name: Amber How long have you been rping: Haha less than a year about 8 months. Time Zone: California (PST) People...
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    OOC Name: Michalla (I don’t like my first name as much) How long have you been rping: Five or six years. Time Zone: EST...
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